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We all recognize political information no longer comes from one place or one screen. More than half of the advertising buys went to traditional media in the past elections, but consumer habits have shifted, and the nation’s citizens and voters are spending far more time with their smartphones, computers and other mobile devices. (See Research below, click on links for PDF.)

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Consumer habits have shifted, and the nation’s citizens are more likely to spend time with their smartphones, computers and other mobile devices. Political spending has not, to date, adapted to the voter-consumers habits.

  • More than 87% of eligible voters are online.
  •  Similarly, 83% of mobile phone owners are registered, voters.
  •  One out of every 3 likely voters in November 2012 election said they didn’t watch television in the week up to the election.
  • One out of every 2 likely voters in key battleground states were turned off with so many TV ads in the 2016 election
  • One out of every 8 voters who received a robocall was not happy to receive political phone calls in the 2016 election,
  •  Voters are spending more media time on their mobile devices than with newspapers & magazines combined.

Valid reasons why Political Candidates need to think about integrated marketing more and push advertising less.

  • Smartphones are the backbone of our daily media interactions. They have the highest number of user interactions per day and serve as the most common starting point for activities across multiple screens. It’s all about Cross-Device Marketing!
  • TV no longer commands our full attention as it has become one of the most common devices that are used simultaneously with other screens.
  • We are a nation of multi-screeners. Most of consumers’ media time today is spent in front of a screen – computer, smartphone, tablet, and TV.
  • The device we choose to use is often driven by our context: where we are, what we want to accomplish, and the amount of time needed.
  • Portable screens allow us to move easily from one device to another to achieve a task. Email or Search is the most common bridge between devices in this sequential usage.
  • Multiple screens make us feel more efficient because we can act spontaneously and get a sense of accomplishment.


Political consultants and campaign strategists are considering how targeted voters are going to consume information about their candidate and campaign and ensure that the information is optimized for the device it’s going to be viewed on.

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