Why Us?

Marketing’s ultimate measure of success is to connect with people on a personal level. We specialize in new customer acquisition and customer retention programs for brands. We help client’s every day by targeting and connecting with the right consumers, sports fans, and voters.

We help our clients get results verse counting impressions, clicks, and ratings. Reach the people who count, verse counting the people you reach! Today, advertisers demand results; focused on all screens where consumers spend 90% of their time and programs geared around ROI. Don’t make decisions based on the past.

Bullseye Interactive Group maintains two key competitive advantages when it comes to database marketing: data intelligence and data delivery. We have identified over 300 different demographic and lifestyle attributes on all of our subscribers allowing our clients the ability to execute highly targeted campaigns. Whether it’s demographic and lifestyle attributes like age, income, marital status, home ownership, presence of children, gender, political affiliations, employment status, or behavioral information like purchasing tickets online, searching for automotive brands, interest in health and fitness, outdoor activities, attending sporting events, online dating, stock trading, or travel, our data sets allow you to match your offer to the proper individual and reach them through mobile, tablet, or desktop by email, postal, or text. We can also match email & postal. The recipient of your email message can forward and share with like-interested friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.


  • Increase Reach, Revenue, & ROI
  • Acquire and Grow Customers
  • Measure and Optimize ROI
  • Monetize Data
  • Activate Data Across Channels
  • Manage Data Safely and Securely
  • 100% Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
  • Combine New Media that Enhances Traditional Media Campaigns
  • Grow your Database
  • Delivering a Target Audience by Geography, Voter District or Zip Code
  • Append Services that will Result in Higher Campaign Response Rates
  • Customer Profiling is knowing Your Best Customers & Prospects
  • Fundraising Programs that offer Unlimited Donations
  • Lead Generation – Pay for Guaranteed Results Online or Mobile
  • Packaging – “One Stop Digital Shop” for Interactive Marketing Services


“Reach the People That Count vs. Counting the People You Reach”