Customer Profiling that’s Easy to Execute!

Here’s how the process works…

  1. You send us a list of your clients, subscribers, ticket holders, registries, etc. with Name, Address, City, State and ZIP Code
  2.  We match your customer file to a Consumer database of 220 million consumers. Typically we match 60-65% of the file.
  3.  Using the matched dataset demographic, behavioral and interest information is appended to the file.
  4.  Next, we organize the information into a spreadsheet and analyze it to find common traits such as age, income, home ownership, voting status, marital status, ethnicity, etc.
  5.  Then we narrow our focus and organize the data into consumer segments that have a high percentage of the very same traits.
  6.  Finally, a Customer Profile Report is produced with percentages, charts, and graphs clearly explaining the results. This can be used for targeting email creatives, sponsorship sales, and fundraising.