Online Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a hot topic right now. We generate high quality exclusive opt-in leads on a cost per lead (CPL) basis. This allows you to begin a 1 to 1 relationship with people who have asked to hear from you.  It seems that most of my recent conversations with prospects, customers, and others in the B2B marketing industry are centered on lead nurturing. Finding New Customers Is Easier Than Ever!


Don’t Make Decisions Based on Old Data or Buying List

  • 171,000 new businesses open every month in the United States
  • 20% of Americans move their residence in a given year
  • 80% of all business data changes every year


The Right Leads Make All the Difference

Powering the opt-in Network is the proprietary ad serving technology which handles all aspects of the opt-in process; this solution enables to capture “hand raisers” that express interest in our advertiser’s products or services through a variety of websites. Each campaign is tailored to meet the goals set forth by our clients to ensure they receive the highest quality opt-in leads.


Market Smarter, Not Harder

  • Profile your best customers to identify their common characteristics
  • Use the same criteria to target new prospects
  • Build targeted data profiles for email, mobile, direct mail, or calling


Your Time Is Valuable

You know that new customers are crucial to your business. You also know that bad leads will just waste your valuable time and money. We can improve your lead generation results. Pay For ONLY Guarantee Results


How It Works

  • The consumer sees your ad.
  • The consumers opts-in and provides the data you requested.
  • We validate consumer data (can send auto-responder if you prefer).
  • We transfer consumer data to you (method of choice).
  • You only pay for valid consumer data.
  • You and the consumer start a true one-to-one relationship.


lead generation


The “Private Network” technology powers a variety of websites that enables us to capture “hand raisers” that express interest in our advertiser’s products or services. Each campaign is tailored to meet the goals set forth by our clients to ensure they receive the highest quality opt-in leads.


Offer Types; Promotions, Coupons, Discount Tickets, Newsletters, Free Subscriptions, Free Product Trials, Daily Deals, Best Offers, Free Reports, and Latino Targeted Offers.


Who’s Using Lead Generation; General Mills, Home Depot, JCPenny, Disney, eBay, Publix Supermarkets, Nielsen, Dish Network, Tommy Hilfiger, AT&T,, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Gerber, SC Johnson, L’Oreal Paris, Esurance, Travelocity, Amtrak, University of Phoenix, Professional Sports Franchises, and NCAA Athletic Properties.

The discussions usually revolve around issues such as how to nurture, the value of nurturing and what kind of content should be used in lead nurturing campaigns.  If you are one of those who is looking to develop lead nurturing as part of your marketing strategy, but you just don’t know where to start, here are things you need to consider before you launch.


Why Private Network – CPA

  • Private Network, we do not work with 3rd Party Websites
  • Your audience gets to see your ads on some of the most popular websites online, building trust and confidence, and increasing their already peaked interest. This ad strategy will continue to drive increased conversion rates.
  • Connect with quality users who have opted in to receive your content
  • Target users based on demographics, geography, or keywords
  • Reach consumers on a national or local scale
  • Our design team can help you create eye-popping displays.
  • Our ads are created to convert.
  • All Publishers must be pre-approved  on a per campaign basis
  • Can provide site placements and screenshots


Lead nurturing is a very powerful way to automatically stay engaged with future potential buyers. You can establish a buyer preference for your solutions, while at the same time understanding buyer timing. However, this is only possible if your lead nurturing programs deliver content that is of sufficient value and interest to the prospects that you maintain their permission to stay in contact with them.