Why Customer Profiling?

Customer Profiles are ideally used to drill down further into a specific segment of the customer database to promote a similar outcome or avoid future issues. Customer Profiling allows you get the opportunity to look within your customer database and see how they live at home, work, and knowing more about their life style choices. Having a much deeper perspective, provides you a bigger picture in how to market to your customers. Bullseye Interactive Group executes profiles for many types of applications and here are the most common applications.

  • Best Customer –identify the key traits of your top customers and find prospects that resemble them.  We utilize demographic, lifestyle, life-stage, behavioral and purchasing drivers to create “look-a-like” prospects.
  • Lost Customers – regain customers whose transactions have dropped dramatically or totally lapsed in the last year.  Ex: Best Customers w/ transaction reductions of 30%+ in the past year.
  • Cross-sell / Up sell  – Marketers can increase ROI by turning single game ticket buyers into multi-game ticket buyers over time.  Modeling past buyers of individual game tickets allows you to identify the next best ticket package to promote to each customer as well as which customers to “rest” from the promotion.
  • LTV – Lifetime Value      
  • RFM – Recency, Frequency, Monetary

Why Customer Profiling