Social Media Advertising

Meet Bullseye Social Media Advertising!

Bullseye helps brands to reach social users not only while they are on social networks, but also throughout the entire Internet architecture.

Social Media Advertising with Bullseye

Bullseye Uses A Multi-Channel Data Strategy To Optimize and Target

  • Bullseye Social’s advanced multivariate optimization algorithms integrate and analyze data from multiple data points to identify a brand’s ideal target, and serve the most relevant advertisements to them
  • Algorithms continually learn and self-optimize as additional data is incorporated and performance    characteristics / trends are identified

Social Media Advertising

Benefits of a Cross-Channel Approach

  • Connect The Dots Across the Web: Bullseye’s platform offers a three prong approach to digital. Each channel is built for stand alone performance, but in combination, offers a digital marketing solution no other partner can provide.
  • Our BIG Data Approach Brings New Life to Targeting: Bullseye’s advanced multivariate optimization algorithms integrate and analyze data from multiple data points and multiple channels to identify a brand’s ideal target, and serve the most relevant advertisements to them. Our multi-channel approach allows us to pull data and learning’s from each channel and apply it to one another, giving us insights we would not have otherwise had, leading to optimal performance.
  • Only The Best: Our optimization engine is the only platform in the space that blends data from multiple sources (including social intent and inference data, proprietary trend data, display data and more) to build its social targeting algorithms. Furthermore, it allows for our partners to seamlessly optimize and shift budgets across call channels.
  • We Care: Unparalleled customer service by a team of dedicated digital marketing enthusiasts combined with a single point of contact.


Display Campaign

BIG continues to deliver relevance in online display, social media, mobile, and video advertising by empowering advertisers to reach, target, and engage over  80% of the total U.S. internet population.


  • We can ensure your inventory is above the fold.
  • Maximum reach


  • We own our own data and have access to all 3rd party data sources. This minimizes the overlap you would see in partnering with networks that strictly utilize 3rd party data to fuel their targeting.
  • Superior audience targeting across demographic, behavioral, geo, contextual and retargeting, as well as performance modeling and continuous optimization
  • Real Time Contextualization in which we scan the entire content of a page, not just the keyword.


  • A Double Verify compliant network , ensuring your brand safety.
  • IAB QAG selected network, further ensuring your brand safety.


  • 360° view of campaign to utilize learning’s across channels and optimize while the campaign is live
  • Sole point of contact – one dedicated account exec and one dedicated account manager across ALL platforms

Advanced Data Analytics / Mind Mapping

An example on how we can pull valuable insights from  multiple channels and use it to our advantage are the Bullseye Mindmaps. We can take the information gathered through our mindmaps to further refine your general target across all channels.

  • We aggregate information across a number of social sources beyond basic demos – through various data sources, we  look at timely and relevant pages, posts and keywords to formulate the highest affinity buckets & keyword terms 
  • We hit users in their consumer journey – be it in the open web or on Facebook and target them in a different way –  this is NOT something that our competitors are doing and something that you cannot get with the self-serve model
  • Our mind maps evolve as targeting and optimization processes evolve and become more robust – we are usually able  to make updates to these maps in as little as 1-2 weeks
  •  We use these maps directionally – they are by no means exhaustive and we would never want to limit our targeting to  these maps, they are merely an additional tool and layer of targeting we have access to