Personality & Behavorial Marketing Data

Customer Profiling DATA

What Motivates Prospects to Act?

Your customers and prospects are not a set of attributes but rather a rich and diverse grouping of personalities. PYCO Personality Profiles provide a true 360-degree view of every adult individual beyond demographics. (Based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, PYCO has developed a proprietary Algorithm that uses a consumer’s name and mailing address and 320 different data points to accurately assign a personality type to 85% of Adult US Consumers.) Personality Profiles provide psychological, digital, demographic, and geographic information combined into 16 unique personality segments.

How Is It Done?

The PYCO profiles provide rich descriptions of the target market and deep insights into the messages that motivate prospects to act: buy, subscribe, vote, contribute, etc. The personality profiles and predictions come from PYCO’s unique intelligence algorithm model, which took seven years to perfect. The model was built using highly complex mathematics, statistics, machine learning, and neural networking concepts.

Personality Components

Personality is made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. In addition, personality arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life. Personality is highly predictive because it is the root of all behaviors, feelings, attitudes, and needs. In fact, most of us have a dominant personality and a hidden personality. The hidden personality only presents itself when necessary. Personality influences how we move and respond in our environment, but it also causes us to act in particular ways.


  • Marketing – Apply PYCO Personality Profiles to improve audience targeting, messaging, communication and overall campaign effectiveness. Company’s email campaign response rate can increase significantly by using emotional keywords based on personality profiles alone.
  • Analytics – Improve model predictiveness and achieve higher ROI & ROE. Increase lift in multiple email campaigns responsiveness.
  • Digital – Digital marketers can now leverage this unique set of data points to target their audiences by personality type or buyer temperament.

Five Key points

  1. Predict at Individual Level: No gender, ethnic, age, or religion bias
  2. Understand Emotional Trigger Points: Generated from personality and behavior dynamics
  3. Personality Marketing Success is Scalable: Giving companies the control to cherry-pick customers
  4. Improve Predictive Model: Lift by 5-36% or more with PYCO model booster
  5. Superior, Turnkey Solutions: Easy to implement, no costly infrastructure investment


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