Email Append

The Challenge

You’ve built a great database of your customers’ information. Now you want to start marketing to them via the Internet, but you don’t have their Email addresses!

The Solution

Utilize our Email Append service to append Email addresses and other pertinent information (age, income, etc.) onto your existing customer files.

 Customer Retention Services

 There are a number of good reasons to market to your customers via the Internet.

  •  You can establish online relationships with your customers, resulting in a higher return on your marketing investments.
  •  It can dramatically increase traffic to your website.
  •  Multi-channel marketing can yield substantially higher response rates than traditional mail or telemarketing efforts alone.
  •  Not only will multi-channel marketing yield a higher response rate, but you can see the results from your online portion immediately.

Email Append Process

Bullseye Email Append Process

Reverse Email Append

Companies have been capitalizing on the power of the Internet, collecting the email addresses of their website visitors and online subscribers.

Unfortunately, many of these companies know nothing more about these individuals besides their email addresses.

Bullseye Group is able to take your existing email database and append a vast amount of information to them, such as name, full mailing address, and much, much more.


Reverse Email Append Process