RTM – Small Business

Capture Leads and Engage With Your Audience

Consumers are asking questions, sharing life experiences, expressing their likes and dislikes, and connecting with each other more and more through social channels. Are you listening? Real Time Media (RTM) Intelligence will allow you to:

  • Identify people who need your product and interact with them at the right time
  • Create meaningful relationships with influencers in your market
  • Leverage consumers to help you spread your message further than you can on your own
  • Understand your audience on a personal level and tailor your product or service to meet their needs


Instantly Support Your Customers

You may not have a call center or an extensive customer support team, but your customers expect you to answer their questions immediately, respond to their frustrations promptly, and empathize with them personally. RTM Intelligence is a cost-effective tool to:

  • Capture and categorize customer feedback and questions quickly
  • Respond immediately to questions or angry vents before they spread
  • Thank and encourage customers who are promoting your product
  • Act on competitors’ weaknesses or failure to respond to their clients’ needs
  • Engage with many customers at the same time, with limited resources and minimal effort


Affordable Investment

You may not have a large budget for social media monitoring and engagement, and even if you did you would want to make sure any investment in this area will have a measurable return. RTM Intelligence provides hundreds of small and medium businesses with:

  • Pricing flexibility & “no” Contracts which allows you to test it out before making a significant commitment
  • Measurable ROI related to customer loyalty, retention, reduced support and communications costs
  • Publishing functionality in addition to monitoring and reporting capability so you don’t have to invest in multiple tools
  • Rollover data plans that allow you to pay only for the data you analyze, and keep a consistent budget while the conversation fluctuates up and down


Full-Service Social Media Management

Even if you’re a growing organization, you may not have the resources on your team to engage in social media effectively. You know you need to do it, but you may not know where to begin, or what strategies are best. RTM Intelligence can provide your company with:

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that analyze and reveal actionable insights about your company, your products, your people, your customers, and your competitors
  • Monitoring services and alerts to keep you current with the relevant conversations and alert you if something important happens
  • Strategy consulting beginning with an audit that will tie your overall business objectives to specific social media tactics, followed by an action plan tailored to your company and your audience
  • First response engagement to acknowledge customer questions and concerns and connect them with the right information or individuals in your organization that can best serve their needs
  • Content curation and publishing in partnership with your existing offices and on a schedule that makes sense for your market


Real-Time Media Intelligence empowers Small Business brands with:

  • Instant customer response and engagement
  • Insight into competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Influencer and detractor identification and engagement
  • Research insights for future campaigns in real time.
  • Beautiful dashboards and reports for Command Centers as well as your mobile device
  • Immediate product development insight and feedback
  • Real-time campaign insights from the world’s largest, unfiltered focus group (social media)

Today’s consumer uses sources on social media to make up their mind about what products they’re going to buy, even before stepping into a store or putting an item in their online shopping cart.

  • Identify buyers early in the purchase process
  • Answer questions and build relationships online in a cost-effective way
  • Capitalize on negative sentiment toward your competitors
  • Educate the consumer on the benefits of your product and services without an advertising budget
  • Leverage word of mouth and enable brand evangelists to market for you