Email Creative Plans & Pricing



Design the Creative

Host the Images

Write the Code

Plan #2 $250 Client BIG/MSG BIG/MSG
Plan #3 $150 Client Client


Plan #4 $50 Client BIG/MSG Client
Plan #5 $25 Client Client Client

Plan #1“We do it all.” – MSG designs the creative, writes the code, hosts the images we have developed and then test it on our test servers before sending it to production. We do it all for the Client. All we need from the Client is their ideas, images they would like to use if they have any and any links they will need to use.

Plan #2“You design it, We host it and write the code.” – The Client designs the images to be used in the creative using photoshop or illustrator and sends the creative to BIG/MSG with layers. The Client sends a mock-up of what the email creative should look like for BIG/MDG to use as a sample.  The client will also need to send any links to be used. BIG/MSG then creates the email HTML code and hosts the images.

Plan #3“You design it, You host the images and We write the code.” – The Client designs the creative with good email practices and will ‘host’ or put the images on their website/server.  Then they will send BIG/MSG the photoshop or illustrator files for each of the images and the content to be used in the email.  The client will also send the Full URL to the location of the images on the client’s server as well as Full URL of any links to be used. BIG/MSG will then write the code using the image URLs and the links the Client delivers to BIG/MSG.

Plan #4“You do it all BUT We host your images.” – The Client designs the creative with good email practices and writes the HTML code for the email.  Then the client will send BIG/MSG the code and a sample of the email creative as well as the images that will be used.  BIG/MSG will then re-write the code inserting our image URLs for the creative and host the images on our servers.

Plan #5“Extras” – The extras are for adding things like personalization or special links, i.e. if the code has to be changed to be sent out.  Additionally, we will charge if the images are not sized properly to be sent out (file size and resolution must be appropriate).  The Client designs the creative, hosts the images, and writes the codes. The code and example of the email creative should then be sent to BIG/MSG. We then ADD the EXTRAS, re-check the HTML code and then send it along for deployment.

Email Creative Changes

Each of the plans above is for the 1st creative. If the client has changes to the creative (change a header or change the links) then an additional cost will be incurred.  The amount and type of change requested will determine the cost of the change.  If you have more than one creative in your deployment, you will get a significant reduction in price for the second creative by keeping within the same format. For example on Plan #1 the first creative is $350, the second creative in the same campaign would be $200.  Please request information regarding subsequent email creatives in the same campaign.

With Plans #1, #2 and #3, the cost for changing links will be Free, unless the client requests changing more than 3 of the links or any of the images in the creative.

With all plans, the cost of changing images will incur an additional charge.  If BIG/MSG changes the images, the cost will be $50 as we will also have to change the HTML code for the next email creative and host the image.  If the client changes their hosted image (same size, same name) and/or the client supplies us with the URL of the new image (the clients new hosted image), the change will be free.  If BIG/MSG is hosting the images and the client would like the image changed, the client would then supply us with the new image (same size) to be changed and the cost will $25.

Again these prices are estimates – make sure you contact us if you have any questions.

Each email creative requires the following to have the email sent out.

  1. From line –  Who will it say the email is from; the NAME, not the email.
  2. Subject line  – BIG/MSG will work with you on this to get the best possible click rate
  3. The HTML code
  4. Links to be used for the email creative call to action
  5. Images  – jpg, gif, png format or URLs for the images if the client is hosting them (file size of an image less than 40K, 72DPI, max 700px wide)
  6. Date to be sent out

 Must be received 48 hrs in advance, prior to deployment – this excludes weekends and holidays – for testing and deployment.

Rush Email Creatives – No matter what plan is used an additional $500 will be added on top of normal costs.

 Download a hard copy of the Email Creative Plans.