RTM – News Media

Social Media is at the heart of real-time journalism. No one waits for the 5 o’clock news anymore. Discover, understand, and relay the story as it unfolds, in real time. Nothing is more important than your brand’s reputation. When there is a potential news story, don’t make it worse by being late to the game.

Stay in Front of the Story, news travels nearly instantly via social media. Every citizen with a smart phone is a photographer, videographer, commentator, comedian, and critic. Breaking news hits hundreds, thousands, or even millions of eyes before traditional news sources can capture and validate it via traditional sources. Real-Time Media (RTM) Intelligence is the perfect tool to help you identify, verify, and contribute to the stories happening every minute.

Engage with Viewers on a Personal Level, people don’t want to be talked at; they want to be communicated with. They don’t want to be told a story, they want to experience it and participate in it. News organizations must cultivate genuine connections with their communities and interact with them on a personal level. RTM Intelligence gives News Media the platform to understand your audience and engage with them effectively.

Tell the Story – Visually, one of RTM Intelligence core strengths is its real-time data visualizations that are ideal for sharing on the web, on mobile, and on the big screen. Integrate RTM Intelligence into your news delivery whether it’s print, digital, radio, or on TV and enhance your ability to tell the story to your viewer/listener in a way that is appealing, engaging, and insightful.

News Organizations and Broadcast Personalities alike are taking to social. The biggest challenge with this not-so-“new” media is how to monetize it. Real-Time Media (RTM) Intelligence is the most valuable tool in monitoring News Organizations & Broadcast Personalities using social media. When the conversation peaks about your station, on-air personalities, or the news story you will be able to identify the pulse of the conversation and react quickly to your viewers/listeners. Here is how RTM Intelligence can be useful to your organization;

• News Stories – Real time engagement
• On-Air engagement between viewers & broadcast personalities
• Tracking the complete news story
• Comparing stations or on-air broadcasters in the market
• Understanding data for advertisers and community relations to advance their social image
• Monetize sponsorship opportunities
• Recruiting new viewers to watch/listen to your programming by monitoring social traffic
• Producing reports to win advertisers NEW BUSINESS

Consumers are asking questions, sharing life experiences, expressing their likes and dislikes, and connecting with each other more and more through social channels. Are you listening? Real Time Media (RTM) Intelligence will allow you to:

• Identify new viewers/listeners and interact with them at the right time
• Create meaningful relationships with influencers in your market
• Leverage consumers to help you spread your message further than you can on your own
• Understand your audience on a personal level and tailor your product or service to meet their needs

We believe that social media tells a story, but sometimes that story needs to be seen rather than heard. We boasts several different RTM dashboards that show your story in a variety of ways. The Dashboard shows a top-level view of the data you are tracking including top influencers, trending hashtags, and viral calculations. Use the Stream to quickly see influence, sentiment and engage quickly. The Compare tab allows you to compare multiple topics side by side. In addition to multiple visualizations, we also supports RTM Channel Dashboards that give you a glimpse into the performance of your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.