RTM – Political

Understand what is important to your voters at any given moment. Monitor the trends and concepts that your voters are sharing and stay on top of emerging ideas. Don’t allow what happen in 2012!

In Politics, reputation matters above all, millions of politically-charged conversations are taking place on social media every day, so how do you keep on top of it all? Do you know what the public really think about the important topics? Campaign Managers, do you know what is being said positive or negative about your candidate on Social Media? Where are the influencers? How about finding Donors? The Real-Time Media (RTM) Intelligence Platform allows you to gauge at any moment how the public perceives you. Leverage the Voice of the People!

Build a social media command center and stay on top of what voters are thinking. Create lists of your influencers and detractors, and be alerted when they are talking about certain topics. Engage and recruit them to your cause via social media channels, and empower them to share and amplify the message for you. RTM Intelligence is the tool that will give you an advantage in social over your opponents.


Listen, Understand and Engage

rtm-political-1RTM Intelligence is a powerful yet incredibly easy-to-use real-time social media platform that will amplify the efforts of your staff by:

  • Monitoring your brand as a politician
  • Powering campaign and communications research
  • Identifying emerging trends and important topics
  • Understanding the minds of your constituents
  • Identifying influencers and detractors to your campaign
  • Measuring sentiment on specific issues
  • Identifying and engaging with potential donors and supporters
  • Putting out PR fires before they blaze out of control
  • Generating weekly reports with actionable insights
  • Visualizing real-time conversation data in dashboards you can access on your mobile device
  • 20 million RSS Feeds