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Welcome to Bullseye Interactive Group Annuity Online Lead Generation. Online lead generation is one of the most cost-effective means for agents to build a new clientele from a group of individuals that would through other means not be accessible. Today, over 200 million households are now on the Do Not Call List. Many of these are the kind of prospects you are looking for.


Annuity Prospect Sources

Our annuity prospects come from ads strategically placed with national publisher websites. These websites are selected based on their attraction to high net worth individuals. The quality of these nationally recognized sites also provides us and you with enhanced credibility from our association with these highly respected firms.



Advertising Messages

We focus on two basic styles of ads, Annuity Products & Retirement Income Strategies.

Product ads specifically address the features and benefits an annuity provides. These individuals often own CDs, are typically unhappy with the low-interest rates but stay because of safety concerns. They are often product and interest rate focused.

Individuals attracted to Retirement Income Strategy ads tend to focus more on planning concepts. How does an individual mitigate the many risks that come with retirement? These risks include market risk, mortality risk and inflation risk and the most devastating of all “longevity”. The risk of outliving their income. Many of these risks can be reduced or eliminated through a good planning strategy that incorporates some of the many benefits an annuity can provide. The content of our ads addresses generic features and benefits allowing most every agent the ability to pivot to their Company’s products and sales processes in a “seamless” transition.



Prospect Profiles

Our prospects are from age 55 to age 75 (baby boomers and seniors). Though this group has a varied range of needs, our ads are designed to those that present a few specific opportunities.


Unhappy CD Owners: This group of individuals that for the most part have never seriously considered any alternatives to bank CDs. They don’t like to take a risk.


401K Investors Still Working; A recent survey revealed that the majority of Americans nearing retirement age intend to continue to work beyond their fully eligible retirement date. The reasons vary, but many simply have not saved enough for a comfortable retirement lifestyle. For most of these individuals, the bulk of their savings is in their company 401K plan, and many of these have their money in the market and therefore at risk of loss.

Many individuals do not have any idea just how much exposure to risk they actually have. Most do not realize that if age 59 ½, they can transfer their account into a private IRA and potentially eliminate all market risk.


401K Investors Planning to Retire: This group shares the same profile as the on above. The differentiating factor is that they a target group regardless of age. Our data will inform you if the prospect is currently retired.


Qualified Prospect

The first thing that qualifies our prospects is the type of information they are interested in. These ads are designed to create interest in the features of annuities and services our agents provide. Individuals are asked a number of question in which anyone wrong answer or non-answered question will disqualify them as a lead. The final and most qualifying question we ask is “Would you like an agent to contact you?


Return on Investment (ROI)

No lead provider can guarantee any level of ROI. ROI depends on multiple variables beyond the lead provider’s control. These variables include the agent’s telephone skills, fact-finding process, product knowledge, retirement strategy knowledge, credibility, and personality.

Building your practice by purchasing the names of qualified prospects is an investment. You measure the success of that investment through a formula called ROI. Here is an ROI example based on an average premium size is $200,000, an average commission rate of 7% and an average lead cost for 10 leads of $1,500.

10% Conversion Ratio = $14,000 Gross Commission, $12,500 Net Commission
20% Conversion Ratio = $28,000 Gross Commission, $25,000 Net Commission
30% Conversion Ratio = $42,000 Gross Commission, $37,500 Net Commission

What our industry has proven is that conversion ratios will increase over time when successful systems are utilized. There are two types of conversions, Immediate Sales, and Prospect Trails. An Immediate Sale is considered a prospect that does business with you within the first sixty days of you receiving the lead.

A Prospect Trail is a lead that may someday in the future decide to conduct business with you. It may be in six months, one year or even longer. It is your job to keep your name in front of the prospect and to remain relevant. Things change and in many cases, timing is everything.

A third ROI factor is “cross-sell” opportunities. While some of our agents focus only on annuity products, the most successful have the knowledge to uncover additional insurance needs and provide solutions for their prospects. These opportunities include life insurance and long-term care insurance. In a need-based selling process, these needs will often present themselves.


Creating a Prospect Trail

An efficient and effective system for creating and tracking a Prospect Trail is an essential component of a successful marketing campaign. Insurance and financial practice are dependent on the development of lasting professional relationships. Using a permission-based email marketing program is a necessity in today’s marketplace. An email marketing campaign allows you to keep your name and services in front of future clients by providing them with useful and relevant information on a cost-effective basis.

If you are not already utilizing a service, Bullseye Interactive group can help you develop one. Contact us to see which programs are best for your business.



Cross Selling Opportunities

The needs of the individuals targeted for annuity leads create several natural cross-sell opportunities. Two of the primary risks during retirement that need to be addressed are mortality and health care risks. These risks require the need for a discussion about life insurance and long-term care insurance.


Life Insurance: Individuals in this demographic purchase life insurance for three primary reasons; final expense, legacy and social security income replacement. While the first two are self-explanatory and are more of a “desire” of a client, providing a death benefit to replace a social security benefit lost as the result of the death of a spouse is an integral part of a comprehensive Retirement Income Strategy.


Long-Term Care Insurance: The average married couple currently age 65 will spend an average of $240,000 out-of-pocket on health-related cost, primarily on chronic illness care. Of those currently, age 65, 58% of men and 79% of women will require chronic care treatment. Responsible planning requires this conversation to take place. Many annuity agents have stayed away from these products for a number of reasons. Agents need to be having these conversations. As a matter of “good business”, these sale opportunities need to be captured. It is good for the agent and it is good for the clients.


Lead Results Expectations

You could make a sale on your very first lead. But, most agents are not going to realize an overnight success. Filing a pipeline of qualified prospects takes time. You are working on the principles of the “law of averages” and the “law of large numbers”. The law of averages requires the law of large numbers to be successful. You may very well have a conversion ratio of 20% or even greater, but it may take 20 or even 30 leads for your averages to work. Keep in mind that you are also building a pipeline of future clients through your Prospect Trails that were not ready to buy immediately. A quality contact management system will significantly increase ROI with additional sales being made at a future date. You should be patient, stay the course and trust in the sales processes and relationship skills you have developed.


Annuity Lead Information

  • Age 55 – 75
  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
  • DOB
  • Phone Number
  • Do you own an annuity?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Are you searching for retirement income
    • Now
    • Later
  • How much are you thinking about investing?
    • Under $50,000
    • $50,000 – $100,000
    • $100,000 – $250,000
    • $250,000+
  • When is your time frame in making decision?
    • Next 30 Days
    • 60 – 90 Days
    • Within 6 Months
    • Between 1 – 2 Years
  • What’s the best time of day to reach you?
    • Morning
    • Afternoon
    • Evening
    • Weekdays
    • Weekends
  • One more question; your occupation is not a Financial Consultant or Insurance Agent?
    • Yes
    • No

Not a lead if any of the following occur:

  1. Does not meet the age bracket
  2. If the person is a Financial Advisor or Insurance Agent
  3. Unwilling to answer the questions or have someone contact them
  4. Providing a bad phone number, email address, or postal address.


Lead Qualification Process

A qualified lead is an individual that has correctly answered all of our qualifying questions on our online questionnaire and has given permission for an agent to call. We undertake a series of processes and questions to insure our leads meet our quality standards. During the initial questionnaire, a number of qualifying questions are asked. If a question is either not answered or answered incorrectly that individual is immediately disqualified. No further action is taken.

Once an individual has successfully answered all of the qualifying questions, he/she is then further screened through our validating and scrubbing processes. These processes include validating telephone numbers and email addresses.

The individual is then further screened to insure they are not an insurance agent or other financial professionals. This entire process takes approximately 24 hours.


Core Characteristics of a Successful Agent

The most successful agents with any financial services lead program are those that understand a need-based sales process, educates their potential clients and presents him/herself as a trusted adviser rather than a product peddler.

They understand that a lead is just someone that wants more information and that the purpose of a telephone call is to set an appointment. The appointment is where an agent uses his/her skills and knowledge to discover needs, present solutions and turn a prospect into a client. The most successful agents are not single product focused. They have the knowledge and ability to discover and provide solutions to other insurance needs their analysis uncovers.


Getting Started

Click on the ENROLLMENT button below to download our Lead Generation Agreements and Lead Request Form. Fax the agreement and form to the number provided or attach them to an email. Expect a minimum of one week to begin receiving leads in most areas.

Enrollment Forms Download

Receiving Leads

Your leads will be emailed to you immediately after they have been validated and scrubbed. It’s important you contact these individuals within 24 hours after receiving the lead.

Invalid Lead Crediting

A lead is determined to be invalid if the telephone number is incorrect, the email address is not correct, or if the information on the lead is that of an insurance agent or financial services professional. Our current ratio of invalid telephone numbers is only 1.8%, we do our best at making sure the leads you receive are most qualified. In that event, we will credit your account by providing you with a replacement lead. Any bad leads must be turned back to us within seven (7) days to receive credit.

Lead Minimums and Payment

You will pay for five leads in advance of receipt via the credit card you provide. Once those leads have been received by you, Bullseye will charge your credit card for the next five leads. You will not be notified prior. You will be required to pay for any lead sent to you. If you wish to stop receiving leads you must provide Bullseye with a 48-hour notification. Bullseye requires a minimum commitment of 20 leads for any new enrolling Agent. You may not terminate or suspend your lead flow until the minimum requirements have been met. Once your minimum has been met, you can increase your lead flow, keep the same amount of leads, and you can cancel at any time with a 48-hour notice policy.

Lead Flow and Market Exclusivity

Our marketing can only produce a finite number of qualified prospects in a given market. The lead request is filled on a first come first serve basis. Agent partners are limited based on our lead generation estimates. Multiple agents in a market are distributed leads on a rotation basis. We do not provide any implied or written exclusivity arrangements, but agents can control a significant portion of the leads based on their commitment and continued lead acceptance.

You may select a Designated Market Area (DMA) within which to receive leads. You are allowed to select more than one DMA or even include all of the DMAs within a state. You cannot reject a lead that has been provided within the DMA you have selected.

Nielsen DMA Ranking

Controlling and Suspending Lead Flow

You set the number of leads you wish to receive weekly and monthly even during the initial start-up period. After the start-up period, you may suspend your lead flow with a 48-hour notice. Suspending lead flow may result in a delayed flow once you decide to start up again due to other agents being allowed into the rotation.