Real-Time-Media (RTM) Intelligence

RTM-intelligence-button-bwReal Time Media (RTM) data is real Intelligence. Beautiful, insightful, data-driven designs will fuel your strategy and guide your decision-making process. Our RTM Intelligence are designed to provide actionable insights as quickly as possible to key decision makers.



Monitoring is a critical piece of the social puzzle that Bullseye makes simple. You can monitor more than just keywords. Get to know your audience with group and topic monitors that make it easy to see what is being said, the sentiment surrounding the conversation and the influence of each post. Lead the conversation and respond quickly when needed.

Track any keyword, phrase, hashtag, URL, or combination of these search terms and find the relevant posts across top channels including Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Facebook through anonymized and aggregate topic data. Monitor more than just #hashtags. Let keywords, URLs, topics, social handles and more lead you to the conversation. Finding and understanding the conversation surrounding you, your brand, your competitors and more makes acting on the insights a breeze.

Monitoring = Finding the gold in your social world

Monitor the conversation surrounding your brand across the entire social world. Track and monitor customers, markets, industries, products, and competition. Control crises from one centralized platform, built with you in mind. How so?

Real-Time Media Engagement

Easily engage in the conversation and reply, quote, favorite and link to those mentions that surround you and your brand. Stay on top of the conversation, or join an existing one. Real-Time Media Intelligence monitoring will allow you to monitor all your social channels in one platform. Discover the greatest source of engagement and the channel driving the buzz.

Real-Time Mobile Alerts

Mobile alerts will monitor for both large positive or negative spikes in mentions, helping monitor the sentiment of real-time events or to protect you from major disasters when you’re away from the office.

The Competition

We make it easy to see if you are ahead of your competition. Setup a new monitor and track all the social mentions of your competitors and know instantly how you can leverage your social media to outpace even the most prestigious competitors.

Reputation Management

Nothing is more important than your brand’s reputation. When there is a potential crisis, don’t make it worse by being late to the game. See negative sentiment as it happens and engages in real time.

Global Monitors

Social without borders, don’t be left guessing when you get brand mentions in one of the 24 languages that are included in your RTM Intelligence platform.



Chances are, you manage a social audience that demands the right message, at the right time, on the right channel, with the perfect blend of marketing genius and real-speak social etiquette. If you don’t know anything about your audience, it’s safe to say that you aren’t hitting the social sweet spot. Data is only as powerful as the insights you discover. At the end of the day, having enormous amounts of data doesn’t mean you have all the insights you need to drive your social strategy forward. A good analysis tool is what gives your data its true value. Whether you are an Excel wiz or have a stack of tools to help with analysis, we think we offer a better way. RTM Intelligence allows you to see the insights that really move the needle.

Trending Topics

See trending topics, concepts, hashtags and keywords in real time. Know when a trend started and what social post triggered the latest sensation.


Identify and engage with top influencers. Rank users based on their ability to drive action and when you share something on social media, and people respond that’s influence.


Share, Share, Share. See the impact of your campaign and it’s ability to come to life through social sharing. Who is driving the conversation, from influencers to most active, most mentioned, fans & detractors?

Competitive Analysis

Stay a step ahead of your competition by knowing when they post, what they post and how engaging their content truly is. Compare up to 10 different topics against each other, for any time period.


Feel what your audience feels with RTM Intelligence Smart Sentiment. Understand sentiment in 15 languages including English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and more.


Search, filter, and target by geography. RTM Intelligence social-media map visualization places posts at their geographic point of origin around the globe. Locate the city, state or country that is talking about you and your brand, and then take control.



Reporting can finally be the best part of your job. See the data come to life. Geek out over the numbers, get excited about newly discovered insights. But whatever you do, don’t spend hours generating reports. Reporting can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. RTM Intelligence reporting interface is clean, easy to use and insightful. We don’t want you to spend 1 minute more than you have to generate reports. It’s almost like we had you in mind when we built our reporting studio.

Ditch the spreadsheets, the intern, or whatever you are currently using and see what reporting looks like using the RTM Intelligence System.


Pulling data about all of your profiles, posts and social interactions can be a daunting task. RTM Intelligence reporting tool brings everything together in one easy-to-read PDF report.


There is nothing worse than saying too much or too little when you have a client or boss to please. Get it just right with PDF reports that you can edit on the fly.


Pivot tables, SQL databases and vlookups are a thing of the past. Don’t worry; you can still geek out over the numbers, charts and diagrams. We just do the leg work for you.


In the extremely dynamic social world in which you live, automation can be a scary word. But trust us on this one. With these reports you can just set it and forget it. Get reports in your inbox when you need them.


You should never need to create the same report twice. Just tell RTM Intelligence what you want to see and when you want to see it and voilà.

White Label

We want you to look like a star. To help you tell your story, we offer white labeled reports if you have clients or superiors that you need to impress.



Be a part of the conversation with social media publishing. Whether it’s our award-winning design or the intuitive interface, we’ve got your back. Schedule and post your carefully crafted content with ease. Spend your day focused on the content, not the publishing tool. Delivering the right content to the right people at just the right time is challenging enough. You shouldn’t have to jump from profile to profile posting your content wondering if you’ve covered all your bases. We’ve worked hard to make publishing easy so that you can focus on what really matters.

Post to Major Networks

Post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in one seamless, intuitive platform.

Content Editor

Add and edit content on the fly. Include images and links and do it all from one platform.

Automated Scheduling

Schedule your posts days, weeks or months in advance so that you can stay engaged in today’s conversation.

Real-Time Communication

Timing is everything. Engage in the conversation as you see it happening.

Post Archive

Keep your content fresh by seeing what’s in the queue and what you’ve published in the last 30 days.

Email Alerts

No need to keep guessing. Get email alerts when your posts are published.



Don’t miss out on anonymized and aggregated posts from 936 million daily active Facebook users.

See your brand’s complete social story with Audiences by RTM Intelligence.

Using another social media analytics solution that does not allow you to work with Facebook topic data would be like eating a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly. A social monitoring solution is only as good as its data. Analyze trends and topics surrounding your brand from the world’s largest source of public opinion.

Privacy First

Great businesses are built on consumer trust and data privacy has never been more important. Our partnership with industry-leading data providers enables users to respect personal data while gaining the insights you need to fuel your social strategy.

Facebook topic data gives marketers the anonymized and aggregated data they need to make insightful decisions and we are there every step of the way to help bring the data to life.

Content Strategy

Great things happen when data is the driving force behind your content strategy. Posts are delivered when they should be with a message that captures attention and drives results. When you pair incredible data with unrivaled visuals it’s tough to lose.

Media Buying

Programmatic buying and real-time bid adjustments can only go so far. When you truly understand your audience, you know where they spend their time and when they are most likely to engage with your ad. Get the data you need to let you do what you do best.


“Set it and forget it” isn’t a phrase that marketers use and hopefully isn’t one that is in your vocabulary. Social media has increased the rate of change that you have to account for in your campaign planning. Constant optimization is key; understanding the audience, deliver engaging content, seeing the results, then rinse and repeat.


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