Political Fundraising Leads


It’s been our experience in working with Politicians, Campaign Managers, and SuperPAC’s they have many resources to connect with voters/donors from Traditional Media, New Media, Search, Keywords, Online, Phone List, Direct Mail, Door-to-Door, and even Social Media. However, the majority of political campaigns are still paying today for ratings, impressions, clicks, list, not results! Today, advertisers demand results; focused on all screens where consumers spend 90% of their time and programs geared around ROI. Lead Generation allows you to “Pay for Only Guarantee Results.” Bullseye generates high quality exclusive opt-in leads on a cost per lead (CPL) basis. Discovering new donors or voters is easier than ever! Don’t Make Decisions Based on the Past.

Lead Generation Process

Our pricing model is simple. We work on a Cost per Lead basis. All clients receive a 48-hour out clause if at any point they aren’t satisfied with the quality of our leads, or the scope of the project. Our lead process is a highly effective method that allows for companies to only pay on a cost per lead basis.




Strategy for Lead Generation

It is our plan to generate Donor Leads, sign-up new voters for your campaign, build relationships, engage consumers, and educate potential voters on the core issues of your campaign. Our services help build relationships between the voter, your campaign, and the candidate. It’s very simple, the more people we can connect with through data segmentation, reach a diverse audience with the right message per group, inform potential voters on the core issues of your campaign, and build a valuable trust using email & text, translates into higher voter turnout, increased donations, and winning more elections. Our ad-server allows us to serve real-time online advertisements to consumers on any device (mobile, tablet, and desktop). Additionally, our ad-server is capable of capping leads on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

We believe there are three crucial elements to a lead generation campaign: Generating the lead, putting the lead through a meticulous hygiene process, and delivering the lead to the client. It is our belief that once a Consumer ‘opts-in’, then our client owns that lead; forever. We do not claim any ownership of the lead, and will then send the data over in real-time or batch to our client. Typically our clients prefer the leads sent over in an HTTP post, to their CRM, or database. However, we will support any method our client determines best meets their needs.








Auto Responders – Email Marketing

Once the lead is generated, it’s time to start a one on one conversation with the donor/voter. In order to do this, we send real-time/instantaneous email ‘auto-responders’ to the prospect within seconds of their opt-in. That is why we have created an API call with the ESP Platform. Through the ET platform, we have real-time statistics on (Open Rates and Click-Thru rates).   This allows us to optimize the campaign by the leads Source ID. The Source ID allows us to track back to which site the lead came from, and increase leads from any particular site, and scale down/remove your advertisement from underperforming sites.

Your campaign success is determined by building your database, driving voter turn-out, and getting more consumers to donate to your campaign. Campaign managers know that new potential voter leads are crucial to your organization. You also know that buying a bad list will just waste your valuable time and money. We can improve your lead generation results. Pay For ONLY Guarantee Results! Obtain the rights to acquire new members Email, Phone, and Address. Build your database, Database is King!

Lead Creative & Delivery

  • Logo / Images: Max File Size: 30k. Please send .jpg or .gif images in the following sizes:
    • 80×40
    • 120×60
    • 120×90
  • 75 character max headline copy
  • 150 character max body copy

Delivery instructions: Real-time instructions or batch instructions.  Real-time instructions would require a posting URL (request this from their tech team).  Batch instructions (this would be the required fields and the email address(s) they would like the leads sent to daily).

  • Autoresponder info (if they would like us to deliver one) we need the following; From Name, Subject Line, and Body copy (text or HTML)

Lead Process

  • Target Leads per State, DMA, County, City, Zip Codes, or Voter Districts
  • Larger the pool to recruit potential voters, less the cos

Lead Generation – Filters

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geography
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Number
  • DOB

Filter Questions (Examples)

Filter questions are great, you can gather the info that pertains to your campaign, and use filter questions to help you target only the qualified voters that can impact your campaign. Pay for only those potential voters.

  • Are you a registered voter?
  • Did you vote in 2012 elections?
  • Your political views lean more to the Right, Center, or Left?
  • Are You a Business Owner?
  • How many Employees work in Your Business?
  • Are you currently retired? Yes or No
  • Do you own a gun? Yes or No