RTM – Universities & Colleges

In the classroom, athletics, or faculty staff; recruiting is crucial for the success of any program. Real-Time Media (RTM) Intelligence allows Universities and Colleges to add to the academic experience and monitor conversations that will inspire that will move the campus community.

In the Classroom

Today’s student is entering the market place in a time with unique challenges and an array of tools to help them face those challenges head on. RTM Intelligence in the classroom will:

• Engage students with hands-on learning of social media
• Prepare students with tools they will use professionally
• Legitimize and quantify social data to increase statistical significance for research
• Moreover, universities and colleges are using RTM intelligence to create a social media command station as a location to monitor conversations and adding to the wow factor of the accreditation process.

Engage with Prospective Students

There is no better way to reach prospective students and improve messaging to millennials today than through social. RTM Intelligence allows campus marketing, High School recruiting and other departments to better reach prospective students with the right message to the right individuals at the right time.

Campus Life Monitoring

College campus life is a community within itself. Athletics, Academics, Arts, Greek System, Faculty, and Campus Police can use RTM Intelligence to enrich the overall campus life experience. Know what students are saying and how see their college experience come to life.


Sports fans are asking questions, sharing life experiences, expressing their likes and dislikes, and connecting with each other more and more through social channels. Are you listening? Real Time Media (RTM) Intelligence will allow you to:

• Identify people who need tickets and interact with them at the right time
• Create meaningful relationships with influencers in your market for donations
• Leverage alumni & consumers to help spread your message further than you can on your own
• Understand your recruits/student-athletes on a personal level and tailor your product or service to meet their needs