RTM – Sports

Listen to your fans. Your fans continue to be moved to action. Whether they are purchasing a ticket, buying a souvenir, or making a donation, sports industry fans represent the most social of any industry. Athletes and Teams alike are taking to social. The biggest challenge with this not-so-“new” media is how to monetize it. Real-Time Media (RTM) Intelligence is the most valuable tool in monitoring teams, sports departments, athletes, venues, and brands using social media.

The ability to monitor social is the one element that Sports Teams we serve were missing. Use Real-Time Media (RTM) Intelligence:

  • Monetize ticket sales & souvenirs
  • Determine strength of sponsorship through real-time data
  • Identify viral trends
  • Compare popularity between teams, players, on-air personalities, & events, etc.
  • Get real time alerts and spike analysis
  • White label the tool to pitch to new sponsors, venues, and events
  • Share custom automated reports to advertisers to show proof of performance

When the conversation peaks about your team, players, or athletic department you will be able to identify the pulse of the conversation and react quickly to your fans. Here is how RTM Intelligence can be useful to your organization;

  • Real time engagement
  • In-Game engagement with fans
  • Identifying influencers and responding/connecting
  • Tracking the complete in-game experience. From parking to concessions, purchasing tickets and gear, the entire fan experience can be monitored and improved
  • Track athlete, coach, front office and league posted content
  • Individual athlete analytics and comparison to other athletes
  • Understanding data for team or individual athlete sponsorship opportunities and community relations and to advance their social image
  • Monetize ticket sales, sponsorship opportunities, and fundraising opportunities
  • Recruiting new athletes to represent by monitoring social traffic and producing reports to win representation
  • Improve Free Agent signings
  • Hiring Coaches

Sports consumers are asking questions, sharing life experiences, expressing their likes and dislikes, and connecting with each other more and more through social channels. Are you listening? Real Time Media (RTM) Intelligence will allow you to:

  • Identify people who need tickets and interact with them at the right time
  • Create meaningful relationships with influencers in your market
  • Leverage consumers to help you spread your message further than you can on your own
  • Understand your audience on a personal level and tailor your product or service to meet their needs