RTM – Agency

Win More Business:

Social media impacts all of your clients, whether they realize it or not. People talk about them, their industry/market, their competitors and other critical topics, every single day. With Real Time Media (RTM) Intelligence add the “wow factor” in your upcoming pitch. Potential clients will be blown away with the art and science of RTM Intelligence and your ability to leverage social media for them. Collect more in-depth consumer research as well as show all the results of your hard work.

Nothing is more important than your brand’s reputation. When there is a potential crisis, don’t make it worse by being late to the game. See negative sentiment as it happens and engage in real time. RTM Intelligence provides real-time analytics that can be understood at a glance, as well as deep-dive analyses. You can research anything from the ROI of a specific campaign to a client’s competitors and products using RTM Intelligence. It’s a true measure of ROI.

Clients that can see the results; are confident in the decision they made to hire you.


Impress Clients with:

  • Deep Consumer Research
  • Insightful, Automated Reports, directly emailed to them
  • Reports can be created and edited in a matter of minutes for any time period you select.
  • “Unique to You” White-Labeled Platform and Reports


Generate New Revenue by:

  • Social Media Consulting
  • Social Media Monitoring & First Response
  • Social Account Management
  • Reputation Management