Mobile Sports Group

The Mobile Services and Technologies For Sports Properties

Digital Marketing is now a MUST for all professional and collegiate sports teams, leagues, and brands. Digital is much more than just having a text program on your scoreboard. Digital Marketing is for database development, ticket sales, new sponsorship programs, branding, merchandise sales and fundraising.

SMS marketing has proven itself as a powerful tactic for bringing in new business while lowering customer acquisition costs significantly. Since the text channel is a personalized, just-in-time medium, it’s ideal for up-selling, re-selling, and extending customer lifetime value. It also offers a much needed direct-response component to enhance the profitability of traditional media advertising.


SMS Campaign Design: The Medium Is Not The Message

Developing the highly focused campaigns, most likely to motivate consumers, is not dependant upon technology. The success stories of companies that develop high-performance campaigns can be traced back to the creative marketing that takes full advantage of the mobile medium.


Get Started With Bullseye Interactive Group’s  “Mobile Sports”

At Bullseye Interactive Group (BIG) we understand that many sports properties are not yet familiar with the requirements involved in launching a successful SMS campaign.

Our mobile marketing platform provides a comprehensive array of features and we want sports properties to enjoy the full benefits in each and every campaign. We’re here to provide the expert assistance to help your team do so. Our platform includes all the SMS and mobile functionality you need to consistently mount and manage campaigns that deliver bottom line results.

  • Carrier certified shared short code
  • Text Message Marketing Dashboard
  • Opt-in based marketing (MMA Compliant)
  • Broadcast SMS (Text-out to list)
  • Up to 500 Free SMS Messages/month 
  • Up to 1000 Mobile Tags
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • A mobile platform that goes beyond text messaging

SMS marketing campaigns can directly influence mobile, web, or offline purchases. That’s why companies need a mobile platform that goes beyond text messaging.We provide a full mobile web publishing platform that provides your company everything it needs to connect offline and online advertising campaigns to mobile consumers– targeting the widest variety of smart phones and feature phones in use.


Get A Complete Digitale Website Publishing Platform 

 Connect your offline and online advertising campaigns to mobile consumers through mobile friendly web publishing. Get a platform that targets the widest variety of smart phones and feature phones in use.

  • Convenient site navigation
  • Click to call
  • Maps
  • Text to join
  • On-device lead capture
  • Mobile tags
  • Text Message Marketing System
  • Carrier certified short code
  • Opt-in based
  • MMA Compliant
  • Easy text message campaign setup
  • Text-out to list
  • 100,000 mobile page views/month
  • Lead capture
  • Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Our mobile web sites are easy to create and they take advantage of all of the capabilities of hundreds of different types of cell phones. We customize your mobile web content as easily as editing a document. Automatic conversion to the Smartphone web app format puts your brand on an iPhone with style. As search becomes more mobile, businesses without mobile compatibility disappear. And how many of your customers already read your email on their phones? Do they have to wait until they’re in front of a laptop before they do what your email asked them to do?


Find Out How Others In Your Industry Benefit From Digital Marketing

Every business needs a website that’s easy to read and convenient to navigate on any mobile phone. Find out how sports organizations in your industry benefit from Digital marketing and whether the time is right for your team property– or just for your competitors

Ways Companies Are Using SMS

 Typical text message marketing campaigns are targeted to directly influence consumers to buy products or services through mobile, web, or offline channels through the use of:

  • Preferred Customer offers and coupons
  • Contests and event promotions
  • Mobile real estate leads/listings
  • Automotive sales and lead generation
  • Human Resources and recruiting
  • Non-profit Fund-raising
  • Text-to-Email campaigns