Automotive Market

Automotive Market; MercedesOver 70 Million Records! Stop wasting your advertising dollars! Reach millions of car and truck owners throughout the US. Our resources is sourced from automobile dealerships, manufacturers, service centers, as well as requests for insurance, aftermarket products, public records, title services, and warranties. 

Automotive Market; SUVsLocal/Regional/National Reach: We can target the following; Age, Gender, Income, Geography (State, County, DMA, City, Zip, Radius around Zip), Credit Score, Automobile Make/Model, Automobile Year, Automobile Ownership (Compact Cars, Mid-Size Cars, Large Cars, Sports Cars, Luxury Cars, SUVs, Hybrids, Crossovers, Minivans, Mid-size Trucks, Full-Size Trucks), Purchase or Lease, HH’s with Children, Consumers (looking to purchase a vehicle within 12 months), 90-Day Automotive Shoppers (additional investment), Outdoor Enthusiasts (this usually coincides with a Truck campaign), Retired and Active Military.

Question:  Why is Bullseye Interactive Group automotive data resources different from other data in the marketplace?

Automotive Market; minivansAnswer:  Our resources are compiled using multiple sources across various industries.  We start with more than 1 billion records.  The data is standardized, cleanse, and remove duplicate records.  No other auto file uses as many sources.

Automotive Market; BMWsSecondly our resources maintain and update the data file on a monthly basis.  Many other auto files claim to have more records, but the problem is “historic” files don’t remove old records when cars are sold.  These other files will have people who owned cars years ago and no longer own that vehicle, leaving you with old outdated data.  Our resources maintain, update and build our file “new” on a monthly basis, giving you a current “snap shot” of the owners now, and not years ago.

Automotive Market; trucksThirdly our sources merge/purge the data on a monthly basis. Take out non-responders after 8 blasts. The data is white listed with all ISP’s, which allows the auto data to penetrate inboxes. We have access to frequency monitors integrated in the mailing platform. Our resources only email or text a maximum of 6 offers per month to a given consumer. This helps to maintain the white listed status and doesn’t overwhelm the double opt-in database.

Finally, we guarantee deliverability. This means if an automotive client orders 1MM records, our resources will successfully deliver 1MM records. We over mail or text to ensure the orders are fulfilled.

Make / Model Owners

Make / Model Owners

Make / Model Owners

  • Acura 1,141,488
  • Audi 335,006
  • Bentley 484
  • BMW 1,015,904
  • Cadillac 1,121,266
  • Chevrolet 18,734,425
  • Chrysler 3,783,238
  • Dodge 10,194,313
  • Ferrari 1,218
  • Ford 20,932,002
  • GMC 3,672,852
  • Honda 6,595,097
  • Hummer 66,476
  • Hyundai 1,387,099
  • Infiniti 580,889
  • Isuzu 400,712
  • Jaguar 201,271
  • Jeep 2,502,881
  • Kia 1,157,834
  • Land Rover 22,712
  • Lincoln 841,746
  • Lotus 695
  • Mercedes 829,980
  • Mercury 1,752,443
  • Mini 76,872
  • Mitsubishi 1,657,074
  • Nissan 4,621,271
  • Oldsmobile 1,179,389
  • Plymouth 264,797
  • Pontiac 3,929,645
  • Porsche 26,233
  • Saab 134,146
  • Scion 50,182
  • Subaru 681,338
  • Toyota 5,253,613
  • Volkswagen 1,481,852
  • Volvo 500,508

*All data is in compliance with the Shelby Act/ Driver’s privacy Protection Act of 2000.