Customer Profiling

Do You Know Who Are Your Best Customers?

In our experience, the most efficient use of marketing investment is to focus on the right target audiences. Our Customer Profiling looks within the client’s customer database to identify the most descriptive traits and segments of their ideal customer which are then used to find prospects that look like them. We can add valuable information to your existing customer file using any combination of our 260+ data fields including geographic, demographic, lifestyle, interest, income spending, and behavioral information. This will allow you to better define your audience and provide you with a targeted approach to increase cross-selling/up-selling opportunities and drive customer retention. Customer Profiling Pic

  • Target audiences/segments that are unique in a composition of age, income, home ownership, marital status, ethnicity, wealth, behavior, discretionary spending, etc.
  • Reduce marketing waste and maximize your media advertising to target the best customers.
  • Identify traits of buyers who use specific services/products.
  • Breakdown your best customers associated with Myers Briggs personality profiles to develop pinpoint marketing campaigns.
  • Target & Reach Your Best Customers – Generate Revenue.

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