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SMS Insertion Order Form

 Bullseye SMS Insertion FormPlease fill out the following form to submit an SMS Insertion Order.  For followup and documentation in emails regarding creative, please use “[BIG-MSG] SMS: Project name” in the subject line. Thank you!

Must be received 48 hrs in advance, prior to deployment dates – this excludes weekends and holidays – Time is needed for testing and scheduling.

We will include the opt-out information.  SMS Message is therefore limited to 135 Characters (letters, numbers, spaces, symbols AND other links)

All orders must be pre-paid prior to any Email & SMS message being sent out on behalf of customer. Payments can made through Check , Bank Wire Transfers, or Paypal (online, less than $3,000). See terms and conditions below for more information.

    Bullseye-MSG SMS Insertion Order

    All Fields are required unless noted.


    Your Full Name:

    Your Email@address:

    Your Phone Number: (best number to call you)

    Your Mobile Number: (to use as a test, you can enter )

    SMS Campaign Name:
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    SMS Campaign - make it short)


    Client Contact Full Name:

    Client Company/Account Name:

    Client Email@address:

    Client Phone Number: (best number to call)

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    Select # of Campaigns:

    Enter the TOTAL number of SMS messages to send:

    List the Demographics: (single line per item)

    Geographic Area: (list your areas for the email) If not using City, County or State, list zip/area code or radius. Note: To attach a document or spreadsheet, fill out the form, submit the order, then click the popup link to send your attachment.

    SMS Recipient Names, Cell Phone #s, & Carriers for Testing:
    (enter one per line, ex. Rick, 678-699-2274, Verizon) You are automatically included so list only additional people. Must include the person who gives final approval.


    Enter the information in the table below for your SMS text message. The number of campaigns below should equal the number of text messages going out.

    Enter your SMS Delivery Dates(s): (list delivery dates for SMS Mar 2, 2013 or Mar 5 or 5-3-2013; just be consistant)

    Select Preferred SMS Delivery Time: Actual delivery time is based on best server availability. (ex. 3pm, noon, or early evening)

    Enter Quantity of Message(s) to be sent: (ex. 35,000, or 20,000)

    Enter Your SMS Text Message(s): Limited to 135 characters only per message. (Includes any spaces, symbols, AND any links)

    # Date Time Qty SMS Text Message

    Additional Notes: (please add any additional instructions or information here.)

    • All orders must be pre-paid prior to any Email & SMS message being sent out on behalf of customer.
    • Make check(s) payable to: Rick Furr Sports Enterprises, dba Mobile Sports Group
    • Overnight payments sent to: Mobile Sports Group, 410 McKenzie Trail, Milton, GA 30004. (770) 753-1477
    • Bank Wire Transfer – Wells Fargo Bank, Rick Furr Sports Enterprises LLC: Account number-2000057608013 RTN-121000248
    • By checking your acceptance below you affirm that you are authorized on behalf of the company to approve and authorize this order.
    • Customer affirms that this order complies with the CAN SPAM laws.

    By checking this box, I confirm and authorize the purchase of the order detailed above. I understand that I will not be entitled to refunds, returns or exchanges and that I am liable for the charges associated with this order. The terms of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia and shall conform to the normal standards in the industry.

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