Social Media

Real-Time Media Analytics Platform for Social Media

We call this type of software platform REAL TIME MEDIA (RTM) INTELLIGENCE. We present social conversations on the web actionable and insightful using elegant dashboards and unique visualizations. Take control of your social media by engaging with your Voters, Sports Fans, Donors, TV viewers, Radio listeners, & Retail customers, tracking the progress of marketing campaigns, or monitoring your competition. Leverage the conversation using RTM Intelligence!


rtm-2Instantly See What People Are Saying About You

We allow you to respond to the most important conversations and influence behavior in real-time. We offer a browser-based application which has been designed so that this real-time media intelligence can be embedded into other web portals such as your own website. It also works great on all web-enabled devices.

All Your Social Networks In One Place

Analyzes the entire Twitter firehose, public Facebook posts, public Google+ posts, YouTube comments, Instagram, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and over 20 million RSS feeds. Access to Word Press, Tumblr, Flickr, and others is also available.




Gorgeous Dashboards & Industry-Leading Visuals

We believe that social media tells a story, but sometimes that story needs to be seen rather than heard. We boast several different RTM dashboards that show your story in a variety of ways. The Dashboard shows a top-level view of the data you are tracking including top influencers, trending hashtags, and viral calculations. Use the Stream to quickly see influence, sentiment and engage quickly. The Compare tab allows you to compare multiple topics side by side. In addition to multiple visualizations, we also support RTM Channel Dashboards that give you a glimpse into the performance of your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

Rockstar Reporting

Generate detailed, RTM Intelligence compelling reports effortlessly. We make it simple to run unlimited reports based on your own keywords, social media channels, and for your own timeframe. All of our reporting is completely interactive. Create a customizable, interactive report, download it as a PDF or even send it by email. Get detailed analytics on sentiment, volume, influencers, trending topics and more with a single button.



Select a CATEGORY and learn more!

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We also would like to let you become familiar with Social Media Advertising