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Bullseye Interactive Group


Who We Are

Bullseye Interactive Group is a cutting edge Mobile Media & Database Development Company that provides Interactive Marketing Services. We help companies reach new prospects, voters, increase sales, generate fundraising revenue, drive ticket sales, engage consumers, and build customer loyalty through our mobile platform high-value data and innovative multi-channel digital and offline marketing solutions.

We enable our clients – from small local businesses to Fortune 100 companies – to target, connect with and engage their most valuable audiences. With cutting edge digital technology, customer profiling, and our data on more than 209 million individuals and 21 million businesses, we deliver the complete spectrum of value-added data, direct and digital marketing solutions. We provide TV Networks like Fox, ABC, NBC, and ABC our Mobile platform technology and have over 200+ of the top media stations using our technology and we are represented in all 210 DMA’s.

We can add valuable information to brands existing customer file using any combination of our 260+ data fields including geographic, demographic, lifestyle, interest, income spending, net worth, and behavioral information. This will allow brands to better define their audience and provide them with a targeted approach to increase cross-selling/up-selling opportunities and drive customer acquisition or retention. We help our client’s everyday by targeting the right consumers in our Mobile, Email, and Postal databases.